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Wendy 'Mothertrucker' Priestley had been involved in the trucking industry since the early 80's and spent most of her  career as an HGV instructor and still owns and runs a Priestley LGV Heavy Goods Driving school in the Lincolnshire fens -

Her first trip across the mountains into Italy stayed in her mind so clearly she formed her first book around it and the the next books seemed to simply be a natural progression. As her life changed so did her characters.

"I worked it out that I must have put around 1,000 truckers on the road all together -  Blimey!!  (Sorry girls - most were men!)  I have been known as Mothertrucker for most of that time.

My lovely other half Les and I now own our own truck training school Priestley LGV and after being on the TV with Mothertruckers I find we get a large number of ladies training with us which is great as I do my best to encourage women into the haulage industry as so many want to do it.

I am a passionate animal lover and live in the lovely Lincolnshire Fens with my lovely hubby and our spoiled cats not far from my two lovely grandchildren.  I also love my 1960’s American cars, Motor Bikes and Rock n Roll!!   Every September  I help to run a unique event called Kustom Kulture Blastoff  in Lincoln which is all about tattoos, airbrushing , 1950’s kitsch culture and  - yes you’ve guessed it - Rock n Roll.

Apart from writing my other passion is art and painting.  I enjoy my art and love exhibiting my pictures - whenever I have the time ."

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Our Training School
Alongside my lovely other half I own and run PRIESTLEY LGV our Professional Driver Training school in the  Lincolnshire Fens.
We pride ourselves in training drivers not ony to pass the test but to leave us feeling confident to be able to drive any vehicle and handle any job they might be asked to do in the haulage industry.      -       We train our drivers to be truckers!
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                                Our Lady Truckers Club

In 2012 I founded  'Mothertruckers - Lady Truckers Club' to  help encourage more ladies into the industry and to provide a strong support group for those already out there trucking - and so far its working better than I had ever hoped with over 800  members to date and all the girls getting on so well.  I love going to Truckfests and Truck Shows and meeting up with other club members there and meeting new ladies who want to get into the trucking industry.

I was contacted about making a TV documentary about women Truckers and after the producer heard me call name she insisted upon naming the programme MotherTruckers which was very well receive and can still be found on Netflix

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