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I have spent all my working life around trucks and now own and rum - along with my lovely other half - our own Heavy Goods driving school Priestley LGV

We pride our selves in using full size working vehicles to make sure all our trainees  end up feeling fully confident to handle any truck that they any come across in their new found career.

This is our Daf XF 95 Superspace 

This one is a little bigger than the Ford Transcon that Carol drives in my Mothertrucker series, but having passed my test back in the early eighties in a Transcon I still feel a deep fondness for that old truck as from that sprung the rest of my trucking career - not to mention my writing career and also my happy marriage to my lovely other half 

The inspiration of Mixed Infants and Camiknickers was my lovely mum who sadly passed away aged 96 only a few months after this picture was taken.

Greatly missed bu all the family but no more than myself

She was my guide and mentor and source of many hilarious moments that will never be forgotten. 

My other great passion (apart from my lovely other half !) is for 1960's American cars.

For many y ears I have been very much involved with the custom car and hot rod scene and and my pride and joy is my lovely 1960 Dodge Phoenix two door coupe which after me rescuing her from threat of the scrap yard my lovely other half worked all hours to restore her in time for us to drive from London to Gretna Green for our wedding in 2005.  True love !

 And still today we enjoy cruising the Fenland roads of Lincolnshire visiting many shows an events throughout the summer months x